Setup your local development environments in minutes

We know how annoying and time consuming setting up your development environment can be. That's why we built myceleum. Highly customizable local development environments in 10 minutes or less.

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Starting a new project has never been easier

The myceleum platform gives you the power to easily manage your development workspaces across teams and devices. It seamlessly integrates with your existing IDEs and processes to give you the same development experience you're used to.

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Easy Sync

Easily replicate and sync workspace changes across teams and devices.

Environment Certification

Be confident in the stability of your downloaded environments thanks to our automated testing suites.

One-Click Install

Download and install a development environment with a single click and have it ready within minutes.


Efficiently search our public marketplace, and configure workspaces provided by the myceleum team or contributed by the community.

Teams & Enterprises

Our portal allows you to quickly onboard and manage your employees. Use myceleum to grant, revoke, and customize access to the various workspaces your organization has.

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Bassem Makarem

Bassem Makarem

Co-Founder / CEO

Bassem is a full-stack software engineer who enjoys working on tooling and DevOps. He currently ranks 11th among his selves from other dimensions.

Ghassan Achi

Ghassan Achi

Co-Founder / CTO

Ghassan is a full-stack software engineer with a keen interest in DevOps. He has been banned from attending Bassem's multidimensional gatherings after "accidentally" eating the entire cake.

Samer Corban

Samer Corban

Co-Founder / COO

Samer graduated from AUB with a BBA in finance and entrepreneurship before working as a management consultant for a few years. He is leading the "ban coriander from all meals" movement.