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Why waste hours going crazy over Development Environments?

We all wish we could skip the setup part and start coding on the get-go. That’s why we built myceleum.

Create highly customisable local development environments, quickly start new projects inside docker containers, and comfortably sync everything on as many machines as needed super easily in less than 10 minutes.

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Docker development environments have never been easier

The myceleum platform gives you the power to easily manage your Docker development workspaces across teams and devices. It seamlessly integrates with your existing IDEs and processes to give you the development experience you prefer!

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Our Features

Docker development environments in minutes

Setting up your development environment is the leading cause of rage blowups according to the founding team. myceleum guarantees you a quick and easy setup of dockerized development environments to ensure your peace of mind.

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Seamlessly syncs your environments across teams and devices

“It works on my machine” is a thing of the past. With myceleum’s synchronization across devices, your environments will always work reliably no matter what.

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Integrates with your favourite IDEs

Old habits die hard, so we adapted to them. myceleum integrates all the popular IDEs, so you are free to always use your favourite one and work as fast as ever!

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Teams & Enterprises

Our portal allows you to quickly onboard and manage your employees. Use myceleum to grant, revoke, and customize access to the various workspaces your organization has.

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